Bill 46
Public Land Act

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Bill 46 full text

Status: Passed



Excerpt from the published text of the Bill:

This Bill repeals the Commissioner’s Land Act and the Northwest Territories Lands Act and replaces them with a consolidated statute that comprehensively governs all public land within the Northwest Territories.

The Hansard is the daily printed record of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Scroll to page 5407 for MLA comments on Bill 46 at second reading

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Early in the legislative process, the government department sponsoring the bill compiles the results of their preliminary public consultation efforts into one or more reports. These reports may include an engagement or discussion paper and a What We Heard report which are often published on a webpage with additional resources for public engagement.

Prior to the Bill being brought to Standing Committee, the department sponsoring the Bill accepts submissions from various stakeholders on the proposed content and scope of the Bill. These stakeholders include non-governmental organization, individuals, and businesses. Submissions from the non-governmental organizations involved in the creation of this website are below.

Expert review of Bill 46 has been provided by EcoJustice. A summary of their report is available below.

Public submissions to the Standing Committee will be posted to this tab as they become available. Please refer to the schedule above.

Joint Submission

The joint written submissions from the organizations behind this site is linked to the left. These organizations are: Alternatives North, Ecology North, Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC), Council of Canadians – NWT Chapter , and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – NWT Chapter. 

To view fourteen additional submissions from stakeholders across the NWT, please visit the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment’s webpage (scroll about halfway down to see the submissions on Bill 46).

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