Bill 37
Act to Amend the Oil and Gas
Operations Act

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Bill 37 full text

Status: Passed



Excerpt from the published text of the Bill:

This Bill amends the Oil and Gas Operations Act to:

  • clarify the authority of the Minister and the Regulator to delegate to a person the powers, duties and functions assigned to each of them;
  • expand the authority of the Regulator to issue
    guidelines and interpretation notes;
  • allow the Regulator to conduct public hearings and specify the powers the Regulator may exercise
    in the conduct of the hearings;
  • require the Minister to table an annual report on the activities of the Regulator;
  • require the disclosure of greater amounts of
    information and clarify the obligations of the Minister and the Regulator with respect to the confidentiality of information received by either of them; and
  • clarify the requirements surrounding proof of financial responsibility for holders of authorizations.

Bill 37 is an amendment to the existing Oil and Gas Operations Act, in force as of April 1, 2014 (Section 122 in force as of April 1, 2016). The full text of the existing Oil and Gas Operations Act is available through the Legislative Assembly website.

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Early in the legislative process, the government department sponsoring the bill compiles the results of their preliminary public consultation efforts into one or more reports. These reports may include an engagement or discussion paper and a What We Heard report which are often published on a webpage with additional resources for public engagement.

Prior to the Bill being brought to Standing Committee, the department sponsoring the Bill accepts submissions from various stakeholders on the proposed content and scope of the Bill. These stakeholders include non-governmental organization, individuals, and businesses. Submissions from the non-governmental organizations involved in the creation of this website are below.

Alternatives North Petroleum Legislation submission
Alternatives North
Council of Canadians submission on petroleum legislation
Council of Canadians
Ecology North petroleum legislation submission
Ecology North
Robert Bromley Petroleum legislation submission
Robert Bromley

Expert review of Bill 36 has been provided to Ecology North by Cody Sharp, PhD of the Northern Governance Institute:

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