Bill 44
Forest Act

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Status: Withdrawn


Excerpt from the published text of the Bill:

This Bill establishes a new framework for the management and protection of forests in the Northwest Territories. It sets out some general requirements with respect to the sustainable use of forests and forest resources. It enables the protection of forests through wildfire management and prevention and includes provisions to respond to forest insects, disease and invasive plant species. The Bill also authorizes the use of forest resources through forest harvesting agreements, permits and licences. The right to appeal certain decisions is granted. Finally, an enforcement scheme is created in order to ensure respect for the new management and protection framework.

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Early in the legislative process, the government department sponsoring the bill compiles the results of their preliminary public consultation efforts into one or more reports. These reports may include an engagement or discussion paper and a What We Heard report which are often published on a webpage with additional resources for public engagement.

Prior to the Bill being brought to Standing Committee, the department sponsoring the Bill accepts submissions from various stakeholders on the proposed content and scope of the Bill. These stakeholders include non-governmental organization, individuals, and businesses. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has compiled the results of this public engagement on Bill 44 into a What We Heard report

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