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Since early 2019, a group of non-profit organizations have been working together in the spirit of cooperation to collaboratively suggest improvements to the Government of the NWT on nine environmental and resource management bills that are working their way through the legislative process in NWT. When these bills become law, they will be the rules that we live by, regulating how we relate to the land and environment. They are critical pieces of legislation for their scope and influence and all NWT residents and organizations should be aware of these acts and what they will mean once law.  Our goal is to get information about these bills to residents of the NWT so that you can have your say.  We hope to maximize public participation in the legislative process and in the following regulations by providing a website with all the acts in one place, as well as supporting documentation, well researched expert advice, best practice, as well as comments from NGO’s and others in one place. We encourage those of you with any level of interest in the legislative process, environmental concerns, and the future of environmental legislation in the NWT to get involved. 
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